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About the PICTURES: The home page will list the most recently added galleries on it if you just want to look at what's new. The top menu lets you look at galleries by sport. On most of the galleries, if you log in, you can download one picture, without the watermark but with my logo on the bottom, for free. Downloads, prints, and cool stuff that you buy does not have the watermark or logo on it. If you create an account, you can mark your favorite photos so that they're all in one place. You can share the pictures or pages using the various features available on the site, if that's the sort of thing you do. Creating an account just requires a name and email address, which I don't share or sell to anyone. 

About this WEBSITE: This site is always a work in progress, so feel free to use the contact form, or the comments section on the pages that have it, if (more like when) you encounter a bug and/or have something to say. 

About ME: I'm a sports photographer based in the Denver area. Some photographers do sports, portraits,landscapes, wildlife, weddings...the list goes on.  Me, I pretty much just stick to sports. It's what I'm good at. Photographing sports - doing it well, anyway, takes different equipment than,say, shooting a wedding. I'm a Canon gal, for those who care, and have exclusively Canon equipment. I started out with a Canon AE-1 on film. I'm that old. I don't still shoot on film, though. These days my primary body is a Canon EOS 1DX that shoots 14 frames per second, which you'd think would be about 13 frames per second faster than you'd need, but for sports, you gotta have it. I also have a bunch of lenses that work well in low light, like nighttime football games or indoors at anything. 

I'm also a MaxPreps professional photographer. MaxPreps, if you didn't know, is a division of CBS Sports. They know their sports photos. You can purchase downloads of some  of my photos from my galleries on MaxPreps. I say "some" because there are a lot of pictures here that aren't on MaxPreps. One of the reasons is that they're very strict about the kinds of photos they display, and will reject any photo that doesn't meet their standards. That doesn't mean just photo quality. For example, they have a "no backs" rule.  So photos like these:

get rejected.  Another rule is that you cannot add or remove anything from an image, and doing so can get you kicked out of the MaxPreps network. This includes blurring out the quarterback's armband with the play card, editing out a light pole that looks like it's coming out of the wide receiver's head when he's catching a pass, and even getting rid of that monstrous zit right between the basketball center's eyes in the close up of a dunk. So even though it might take me a couple of seconds to fix, if it's on MaxPreps, it wasn't edited. Here, on the other hand, if I have an otherwise great closeup of a gorgeous cheerleader, but she's got a small but unsightly snot booger hanging out of her nostril, I will fix that and it will be available exclusively here. Not on MaxPreps. 

MaxPreps changed their website in the fall of 2014, and you can only order digital downloads, not prints. On my website, you can still order prints. Or, you can download the full resolution here (or from MaxPreps; it's the exact same image) and get it printed yourself. Your choice. You will also notice that everything's much cheaper here than on You can spend more money there if you'd like, but I'll tell you that if it's my photo, the one you get here is the same one you'd get from them, except you'd spend less money here. 

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